Rajhdhani Delights Karachi

After several recommendations from my fellow foodie friends, I took my mum for a treat to Rajhdhani delights Karachi located in Clifton block 7 (next to sohni sweets). It was our first time so we weren’t aware about the decorum of the place. The place was simply designed with Rajhistani portraits and the servers were dressed in in same Rajhistani attire. After we were seated we washed our hands at our table with warm water mixed with rose water and I could smell some other herbs too.

The place follows a fixed menu for each day which is already decided and is served in a huge thali with Chaach, followed by an after meal masala chai.
We were served food in a traditional thali which included different items like bindi, daal, lobia, chicken, chuttness, achar, karhee, etc. They offered free refills plus rice, poori and rice. It course was more than enough for one person. The dinning was a very good experience. Its for people like me and my mum who enjoy experimenting and are okay with paying for daal sabzi at a restaurant. We paid 1600 plus tax for the 2 of us which makes it around 800 rupees per head. I feel its just not the food, Rajhdhani Delights is altogether an experience.

Blog by Moomal

Restaurant Detail:

(021) 3581 0630; Marine Pride, Block 7, Main Clifton Road, Karachi. Rajdhani