Hunt for Pizza Fries

Hunger is as unpredictable as your life….. Yes, you heard me right. Me and my husband, who are true foodies at heart were busy shopping at a local mall when both of us suddenly felt the urge of having something scrumptious instantly.

We both were hungry and broke as well in terms of money because of that we decided to have pizza fries. We start critically thinking that from where we can have this heavenly snacks cum lunch because we were at Tariq road and the nearest cheese fries place was in bhadurabad so we turned our car towards bahadurabad and open our data connection to search for our desired food. Unfortunately somehow the so-called foodie pages on Facebook couldn’t help us in our dark time yes when you are hungry and cannot find your desired food I call it dark time. Only foodies can understand my feelings so we searched a lot and twice we took Charminar roundabout but we couldn’t find anything like cheese fries. Finally we decided to eat shawarma and stopped our car front of Al arab shawarma and to our surprise it was closed.

After the major disappointment I started searching randomly on Facebook suddenly a weird name showed up my screen, the name was Sicilian pizza with cheese fries option. So we decided to try our luck with this new eatery though I saw California pizza as well but as I mentioned earlier we had already done our shopping and were short of we decided to skip that option. Long story short we called them and they gave us direction of their eatery to our surprise it was very nearby where we were roaming around during  our food hunt. They were offering 30% DISCOUNT ON LUNCH hours the place was clean and calm with big screen on wall. We ordered pizza fries and pizza roll. We got the fries first though the quantity was less but it tasted very good, me and my husband shared the fries and then the pizza role came which was full of cheese and very well marinated juicy chicken inside the roll. Over all it was pleasant experience but I guess they should serve diet drink as well because I prefer to eat only 600 calories at a time. We paid Rs 585 (30% discounted) for our lavish lunch. Over all was a great experience.

Restaurant Detail:
Sicilian Pizza
(021) 34171616
Shop # 1, Plot # 241, near Charminar roundabout, Bahadurabad, opposite lane of California Pizza and Mckans Broast Karachi, Pakistan