Daal Chawal of Akra Foods

So we have this really very good and cheap food place that is located in Saddar-Karachi named “Aakra Foods”, where you can get really basic and hygienic fast food and their famous Daal Chawal. Whenever we are low on budget, or when salary is late or when you it is almost end of the month and one is craving for some outside food while in office or even at home on weekends or weekdays, Daal Chawal is always the best option.

So Aakra’s daal chawal is more than enough for one person, the rice quality and Daal is excellent! The taste is unique as they also add some “Lauki” in it to make it thick I think? The taste gets even better when Aakra’s salad is added to the daal chawal, its just mmwah!

Do try it once!

Total affordable damage:
Daal Chawal: 100/-
Salad: 30/-
Delivery Charges: 30/- for Saddar and Garden.
Total: 160/-

Saddar, Karachi near Jehangir Park